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Dark Horse Genetics

Dark Horse Genetics - Bruce Banner BX 2.0 - 10 Seeds Per Pack

The long awaited seed release of Bruce Banner project has begun. The legend of the Bruce Banner bega.....

Dark Horse Genetics - Cherry Wonka - 10 Seeds Per Pack

Juliet #3 was created by JLP (John Lee Pedimore from the forums) about the time I started growing 18.....

Dark Horse Genetics - Face Melt OG - 10 Seeds Per Pack

The face off is real deal heat and the pheno we found needed to be worked more so I tried to keep it.....

Dark Horse Genetics - Kings Banner - 10 Seeds Per Pack

King Louie is Fire if you don't know, now you do... Prob my two favorite strains combined to bring u.....

Dark Horse Genetics - Lemon Cream - 10 Seeds Per Pack

Sativa hybrid featuring Lemon phenos of unique flavour, few fast finishers to be found.  Lemon .....

Dark Horse Genetics - Lemon Head - 10 Seeds Per Pack

Sativa Hybrid, Lemonade x Lemon male adds extra double punch of lemon in these seeds. Expect sour to.....

Dark Horse Genetics - Orange Cream - 10 Seeds Per Pack

Sativa Hybrid Orange Dot x Lemon male produces powerful orange zesty flavour profiles. Big yields wi.....

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