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Devils Harvest Seeds

Devils Harvest Seeds - Casey Jones - Seeds Amount Optional

Casey Jones Feminized is a robust and popular cannabis strain. Despite being 2/3 sativa, Casey Jones.....

Devils Harvest Seeds - Fallen Angel - Seeds Amount Optional

§This is one of the newest cannabis strains from The Devil’s Harvest Seeds. We have taken an old clo.....

Devils Harvest Seeds - Golden Haze - Seeds Amount Optional

After centering our attention on heavy hitting Indicas for the past few seasons we decided it was ti.....

Devils Harvest Seeds - Kuchi - Seeds Amount Optional

Kuchi Feminized is a small, compact cannabis plant which is ideal for growing in a small space. If y.....

Devils Harvest Seeds - OG Reek’n - Seeds Amount Optional

OG REEK’NOG Reek’n is a new age ‘fuel’ Kush (as we like to call it due to the distinct flavour).....

Devils Harvest Seeds - Rollex OG Kush - Seeds Amount Optional

ROLLEX OG KUSH FEMINIZEDNot to be confused with Rolex, our Rollex OG Kush Feminized is timeless in i.....

Devils Harvest Seeds - Shoreline - Seeds Amount Optional

SHORELINE FEMINIZEDShoreline Feminized is a unique cannabis strain which grows well in all condition.....

Devils Harvest Seeds - Strawberry Sour Diesel - Seeds Amount Optional

STRAWBERRY SOUR DIESELStrawberry Sour Diesel Feminized (SSD) has rapidly become one of our most popu.....

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