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The mountainous border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan is traditionally known as the source of some of the best hashish in the world. After many years of selectively inbreeding the superior genetics from this region, we created a strain that is very easy to grow and flourishes in most conditions. This sturdy, short plant grows wide, dark leaves and produces dense buds that form on thick stems. The flavors are classic Kush: earthy and musky, with deep spicy accents.

Gender: Feminized seeds
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush seeds are feminized seeds that only produce female plants.

Type: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush is suitable for growing: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse.

Genetics: Indica 100%
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush contains the following genes: Indica 100%.

High: Medium stoned
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush gives a ’Medium stoned’ effect.

Flowering: 50 - 60 days
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush flowers for about 50 - 60 days.

Height: 50 - 100 cm
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush grows into about 50 - 100 cm plants.

Yield: 500 - 600 grams per m2
The yield of Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush is about 500 - 600 grams per m2.

Medical: High THC / Low CBD
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush is a strain with high THC and low CBD strength.

Climate : Cool and Temperate
Barneys Farm - 8 Ball Kush is suitable for the following climates: Cool and Temperate.

All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note you should NEVER try germinating a seed or cultivating cannabis within ANY location where such germination and cultivation is illegal. All of our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should treated as a curio or novelty item! PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!.

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